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Please help us reach our $100,000 goal for charity!


"Practical & Valuable Advice from 20 Fighter Pilots."

You’ll Discover:

  • A simple process to help type-A individuals and Charity

  • 20 fighter pilot stories that positively impact the current generation through coaching and guidance.

  • All proceeds are being donated to the Anna Schindler Cancer Foundation to fund a building project!

Fighter Pilots,

Single Seat Mindset LLC is a for-profit company that gives 100% of the proceeds to charity.

SingleSeatMindset.com is an online platform (under construction) that helps both Type-A individuals and Charity 

Part of our growth strategy involves publishing a book, Single Seat WISDOM™, to showcase 20 fighter pilot stories. These short stories will directly impact the current generation that is in desperate need of coaching, guidance, and real-life lessons.  

ALL profits from this book are being donated by Single Seat Mindset LLC to the Anna Schindler Cancer Foundation - FOREVER - including future book sales.

Our goal is to give $100,000 through book sales, fighter pilots, business owners, and others. These funds will help the Anna Schindler Cancer Foundation Phase II homes project in Spokane, Washington.

What we are doing

Print - Audible - Kindle

(1:20 second video)

What we are doing

Print - Audible - Kindle

(1:20 second video)

It's Our Turn to Give Back

This is a gift that keeps on giving!


Pass on your WISDOM for years to come without any additional effort.


Only 20 spots available for authors.  Don't miss your chance!


Help others with your story. Contribute to a worthy cause.

100% of the proceeds are being donated to the Anna Schindler Foundation

Join the $100,000 challenge!

  • Families live in Anna's Homes during cancer treatments

  • Kids can stay without being in the hospital 24/7

  • Construction underway on a 4-unit building

  • About the Anna Schindler Foundation

    About the Anna Schindler Foundation

    Help us get give $100,000 to the Anna Schindler Homes Project!

    $15,660 of $100,000!

    The lessons you have given me have been invaluable throughout my career.

    Impactful life-lessons can be easily shared through combined short-stories; like a fighter pilot debrief.

    The effort required to write your story is less than a high-school book report (500-1000 words).

    It's our turn to pass our WISDOM to future generations. 

    This book is unlike anything ever published - we need your help!

    About this book

    What is the challenge?

  • Single Seat WISDOM™ is a book that captures stories from 20 fighter pilots

  • Only 20-spots are available for authors

  • Our goal is to give $100,000+ to the Anna Schindler Cancer foundation so that Phase II of "Anna's Homes" can be constructed

  • What topics are considered?

  • Family, marriage, kids, childhood

  • Faith, religion, spirituality

  • Bravery, harrowing situation, stress

  • Business or financial

  • The life of a fighter pilot

  • Service, charity, military life, giving back

  • Do I qualify to write a chapter?

  • To be an author, you MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Be a fighter pilot (current or previous)

  • Have a short impactful story (500-1000 words)

  • $299 to help fund Phase II of the Anna Schindler homes

  • Who is the audience for this book?

  • Type-A personality

  • 15-29 years old

  • Young fighter pilots

  • College students

  • Sports teams

  • Do you have any guarantees?

  • This book has been APPROVED through military legal 

  • I personally guarantee that this book will be published

  • I will refund 100% of your money if you don't receive your copies and aren't 100% satisfied 

  • How to know if this isn’t a scam

  • Contact me for references to verify this isn't a scam

  • My contact info is located at the bottom of this page

  • The ISBN for this book is purchased and reserved

  • Click HERE to see ISBN reservation Click HERE to view our books on Amazon
    Example Chapter



    All chapters have been filled!


    What's in it for me if I'm an author?

    Here is what $299 gets you when you become a contributing author:

  • Appreciation from families in need of financial help during their child's cancer treatments

  • A spot for your photo in the book

  • A spot for a quote or blurb of your choice

  • A 500-1000 word chapter which you have to write - this should only take you 1-hour to write and we include directions as required. (*We will proof-read and edit)

  • An author byline at the end of your chapter to include your info (if desired)