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About Us

Our Mission

Goal oriented individuals get frustrated when rigid structures, slow processes, & adherence to unnecessary protocols get in their way with no deliverable outcome. 

Fighter pilots, like the ones here at Single Seat Mindset, are trained to make split decisions at 800+ miles per hour and those quick decision-making skills can be incredibly useful in high-performance professions.

Our Expertise

We are the largest online group of fighter pilots that guide peak performers with short, impactful steps, to avoid failure and control a direct road to success.

Find Purpose and Meaning

Become #1 in any peak performance category - access dynamic perspectives and apply them for results.

We support Peak Performers and Charity.

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Join us to blaze a path to success. 

Your 1-stop to cut through all the red tape and WIN hard every day.

Dominic "Slice" Teich


Slice started Single Seat Mindset for goal oriented individuals that want cutting-edge ideas & results in 1-place.