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About Us

Our Mission

Fighter pilots, like the ones here at Single Seat Mindset, are trained to make split decisions at 800+ miles per hour and those quick decision-making skills can be incredibly useful in high-performance professions.

Our Expertise

We are the largest online group of fighter pilots that guide peak performers with short, impactful steps, to avoid failure and control a direct road to success.

Find Purpose and Meaning

Become #1 in any peak performance category - access dynamic combat proven strategies and apply them for results.

We support Peak Performers and a Children's Cancer Non-Profit.

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Join us and blaze a path to success. 

Cut through all the red tape and WIN hard every day.

Dominic "Slice" Teich


Single Seat Mindset is for goal oriented individuals that want access to fighter pilot strategies that are applicable to high-performance professions.