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If you are frustrated when trying to reach your goals because of slow processes or rigid structures with no deliverable outcome...

Know that fighter pilots, like the ones here at Single Seat Mindset, are trained to make split second decisions at 800+ miles per hour...

Quick decision making skills, that fighter pilots learn, can be incredibly useful in high-performance professions...

Single Seat Mindset is the largest group of fighter pilots online that guide action takers in short, impactful steps.

You can control your own success and avoid the wrong path to failure.

Access This Program So You Can Have Decisive Control and Achieve Your Goals Efficiently

It Works!

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YES! This Is The SAME Program We've Used To Successfully Ensure Goal Oriented People Stay On-Track To Achieve Their Goals In Less Than 3-Minutes Per Week!!!

(Normally $197 - Today For Just $0.00) !!!

From the desk of Dominic "Slice" Teich - Founder

Dear Friend,

I'm here today because I want to give you something that I call "THE Competent Wingman".

This is our framework and our course for how to succeed as a Peak Performer if you are 16-29 years old in your career.

But before I give you access to THE Competent Wingman Program, I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something that I just made up one day and hoped that it would work. I spent OVER 18 years testing and perfecting this program for you!

This is what happened...

"THE Competent Wingman provides short, meaningful, and relevant lessons to keep your nugget in the game!"

Young Wu - F-16 Pilot

Over 20 years ago, I met with the chief pilot of a civilian flight school to start my aviation career, and I assumed the program would teach me everything I needed to know to succeed.


But what happened next completely changed my life forever.

I watched in 'awe' as pilots taxied aircraft, took off, and made effortless approaches to land.

At the end of the chief pilot's presentation, I still remember what happened...

I remember him telling me how much it would cost, and how much work the program would be.

... thousands of dollars that I didn't have!!!

I sat there in my seat, stunned.

I was excited, but I lacked the mindset and coaching required to complete the program.

I started tallying up in my mind how much work this would take and if the financial commitment was worth it.

I didn't really know how or what to do to ensure I was successful...

But I knew that if someone who was JUST LIKE ME could fly airplanes and be successful...

... then I NEEDED to learn that skill,


There was just one problem...

I didn't have an aviation coach, was SUPER shy and SCARED to talk in front of people... A requirement in many career fields.

After a few years, my initial dreams came true, but not without many avoidable detours along the way.

Little did I know I was going to hit yet another roadblock.

I still had not cracked the simple code that I needed for long-term success in aviation because I lacked the interpersonal skills that were required.

... my confidence was about to be shattered again when I started military flight training.


And then, in what was one of the most embarrassing moments of my aviation career

Happened in front of my entire military pilot training class for everyone to see...

My flight commander pulled me from my flight and called me into his office...

NOBODY moved.

NOBODY said anything.

As I sat in his office getting schooled on how I wasn't being the wingman I needed to be...

I didn't understand why or what I was missing...

"Did I miss something in my training?"

"Was my previous experience really that horrible?"

"Maybe I wasn't cut out for a career in aviation."

I thought I did everything that other successful pilots did.

What went wrong?

I re-lived this nightmare for another 5-years...

I'd start to gain forward momentum, and then I'd experience an enormous setback because I wasn't being who I needed to BE.

But I stubbornly continued moving forward and slowly learned a new belief...


A belief that:

IF I COULD LEARN THIS ONE SKILL, that my life would change forever...

That thought kept ringing in my ears... I finally came to my senses and gave it another shot.

I tried a second time...

And a third...

And a fourth...

I kept getting a little bit better each time.

Different commanders would pull me aside when they saw my tenacity, and started helping me...

Each one had a "missing piece" that they were using to succeed, that I wasn't.

I also watched other successful Peak Performers and modeled what they were doing...

Every time, I'd add in new things I was learning...

I tried a fifth time...

And a sixth...


... until I slowly started to master the skills required.

I Kept Notes On Books, Life Lessons, Coaching, Discussions, and More!

After rebuilding myself dozens of times, created a framework that took hard-learned, painful life lessons, and put them in one place.

Every time I had a new idea, I would plug it into the program.

Every time I received a new idea from those using our program, I would update it.

Other fighter pilots liked what I was doing, and they jumped on board to help.

And then I watched the success stories roll in!

... THE Competent Wingman Took FLIGHT


Now, for those of you who haven't signed up yet and who, from a time-constrained point of view, feel comfortable knowing you can make this investment without breaking a sweat... 

Your question is the real question because it ain't about the money - it's about the time.

See, money can be replenished, but a minute gone is gone forever. You want to know if, in addition to the monetary investments, of which there is none today, what's required for your time... ???

Here's what I know about you. The first thing I know is that you can make time for things that are worthwhile

In fact, you are here right now, right here, 9 minutes into this program, so I know you have some time.

So, here's what I want you to do.

If I can show you how to do this and save time, actually have more free time than you currently do... would you sign up then?

How much stress does failing to reach your goals create?

Boom! It's gone.

You can breeze past pitfalls that newbies made like me in civilian and military aviation programs.. We give you thousands of hours of aviation experience with our collection of fighter pilot guides. 

Shortcut your path to success in a matter of hours or days...

Instead of months or years.

When you look at it like that, I think you'll agree with me you're getting the deal of the century when you sign up today for FREE.

"If You Have 3-Minutes Each Week, Then You Too Can Access A Program That Drastically Increases Your Chances Of Being A Competent Wingman!" (Athletes, Coaches, Pilots, Peak Performers, Goal Oriented Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners)

30 Short Stragtegies (1 per week)

Don't Make My Mistakes...

Get Access To:

The Rule of 3s

Avoid Being the Wedge

Rules for Checking In

Avoid G-LOC


Trusted By Successful People

"This wisdom gives you the tools to take your passion to the next level. It provides clear examples."

- Ethan Dunlap

"Single Seat Mindset provided a map and a realistic vision of the opportunity I was going to create."

- Jonny Lightfoot

"Single Seat Mindset is a breath of fresh air... It reminds me I'm not alone in my struggles and helps me set realistic goals."

- Carlyann Dean

Here's The List Of The Reasons You Need This:

Discover how to achieve your most ambitious goals

Learn tricks that lead to higher-performance

Level-up your productivity

  • 3 deadly goal achievement moves to avoid

  • 5 amateur high-performance screw-ups many peak-performers try... and fail

  • 9 crippling productivity traps

  • 6 common pitfalls new guys make

  • It's NOT about spending thousands of dollars to get access

  • We put in the time to make SURE this worked for every peak performer.

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    3 minutes (or less) each week


    Trena "HaK" Savageau

    F-16 Instructor Pilot

    Doug "Odie" Slocum

    F-4, A-10, F-16 Instructor Pilot

    Adam "Nasty" Luber

    F-15E & F35 Instructor Pilot

    Mark "Creature" Cretella

    F-16 Instructor Pilot

    Jessa "Smokin" Charron

    F-16 Instructor Pilot

    Mark "Kegel" Allen

    A-10 & T-38 Instructor Pilot

    Melissa "Shock" May

    F-16 & Airline Pilot

    Chris "Mulligan" Marslender

    F-16 & F-35 Instructor Pilot

    Kris "Swat" Holestege

    F-16 & Airline Pilot

    Greg "Freddy" Kreuder

    F-16 & F-35 Instructor Pilot



    The Single Seat Scratchpad

    Improve Your Productivity By Writing It Down

    Because you made it this far today, I am going to give you a copy of

    the Single Seat Scratchpad for FREE.

    Just enter your mailing address in the comments section when you sign up and I'll ship one right to your doorstep!

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    Competent Wingmen


    Dominic "Slice" Teich

    THE Competent Wingman program is for goal oriented individuals that understand that they require a strategy to reach big goals.

    And today, I want you to avoid the mistakes I made and have access to this program for FREE.

    Early in my career, I struggled with many of the lessons we cover in this program. You can sidestep competition by learning common mistakes without having to experience them yourself. Our 40+ fighter pilot guides will provide the vector required to achieve success in any category.

    700+ years of combined experience PROVES, this works for any high achiever.

    It was worth every second and now it's ready for you.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Proven fighter pilots joined to guide your success. We have PROOF that this works for any serious pilot and high achiever. 

    Finally, we're satisfied.